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Your words are the life-force of your business

If you’ve had a browse through my website or have been working with me, you will have seen me using the word life-force as a metaphor to reference my view of the power and consequently importance of our words to build and grow a brand and business.

In a nutshell, I think that the copy and content, which describes and promotes your business and offering to your audience – i.e. the words – are the ‘make-or-break’ in business. Before, I elaborate though, here’s a little story about how the word life-force and I met and connected. It’s also how my heart shaped logo with the life-line was born, although that story has more to it, which I will write about another time.

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Words bring the business to life and make the cash flow

It was back in 2016 when I attended a workshop for small businesses, which was about the financial side of things of running a business, and when the presenter started off by saying: “Cash is the heart of the business”.

It hit me (literally as I nearly fell of my chair) as I felt strongly that it can’t be the money that’s at the heart of a business. That central most inner part, that foundation on which everything else is built on.

And it’s not a ‘money driven vs purpose driven business’ type of discussion where I’m coming from, but at a most basic level of argument I would say:

No words = no audience to attract or connect = no business = no money

Anyway, I didn’t want to disrupt the business coach’s point of view and started to ponder, when I quietly and quite naturally concluded that “if cash is the heart of the business, then words are the life-force that makes it (the cash) flow.”

When I then looked up the definitions of life-force in Oxford Dictionaries, which states “the force that gives something its vitality and strength”, and the Free Dictionary, which reads: “the force that is responsible for growth and evolution”, I felt pretty chuffed with myself.

Life-force well and truly encapsulates the magic of words as I see it. Words (that work) have the power to

  • Fuel clarity and consistency, and increase the chances of window shoppers recalling your message and brand
  • Grow your own knowledge and confidence, and ultimately help you to find your own unique personality and voice
  • Increase your visibility and reach, and help search engines match your offer to relevant searches
  • Radiate quality and trust, and consequently engage and connect new and retain existing clients
  • Inspire actions, shift perspectives and transform behaviour (e.g. from window shopping into buying)

In short, your copy and content bring your brand and business to life, and consequently the cash to flow – not the other way round.

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” ~Marcus Sheridan

Only good words provide the nutrients and oxygen to create (cash) flow

All too often business owners seem to focus on perfecting their product/service, on getting shiny logos, websites and flyers, and also on the immediate (lack of) cashflow and the financial side of things.

When it comes to putting their offer or cause into words, many don’t seem to think much of it (as a real art and skill) and write the copy and content themselves – sometimes without ever realising how ineffective it is and as a result ending up hiding their brilliance and resigning themselves to mediocracy. Or even business closure!

For others the struggle to express their offer or cause in a simple, clear, targeted and compelling way becomes evident and real after a few failing campaigns, absence of leads and general block of flow or what to write about once the standard web pages and marketing flyers are done.

Perhaps it’s also today’s day and age of the web and social media that has contributed to a culture of DIY writing, however as Ann Handley puts it “Actually writing matters more now, not less…. And so being able to communicate well in writing isn’t just nice; it’s a necessity.”

Anyway, it’s surprising how often it’s a lack in strategy, i.e. that’s clarity about the purpose of the business/product/service, its benefits, audience, and also its unique qualities and selling points that gets in the way of writing (effective!) marketing copy and content.

However, it’s also technique and presentation, where untrained and inexperienced copywriters fail to write, format and style copy and content in a way that it attracts both, search engines and customers. And consequently cash.

I will write more about the three main pillars, those life-giving, flow-creating nutrients and sources of strengths of good copywriting, in my next post.

“Without the word good or great before content, all we have is noise.” ~Lucy Griffin-Smith

Investing in copy and content that works, pays off

What this capability and power of words means for business is that investing in getting them right will be

  • most important and needs to be upfront, before the cashflow soars
  • long-term and hence deliver the best return on investment.

Far beyond (often isolated) paragraphs of spruced up information, marketing words that work create a life-force that flows through everything – your offering, your marketing, your social media, and your whole way of being in business, thus connecting and attracting your tribe with your authentic personality and via the professional art of copywriting. Rather than via paid advertising and search or other pricey marketing gimmicks.

“The power of your business is in the words you put into it.”

Of course, there are also those business owners and entrepreneurs who understand the difference professional content strategy and copywriting can make and they prioritise the investment and hire an experienced and skilled copy and content specialist right away and without hesitation.

Finally, paying attention to your words in everyday life will make a difference as well of course, however that would be a blog post for another time!

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Need help with your words?

If you need help putting the heart back into the copy, content or communications of your heart-centred and purpose-driven business, cause or project, I will be delighted to discuss how we can work together!



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