Brand storytelling, content strategy

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your brand strategy brings your vision to life.

There are two parts to the Power-Words brand storytelling strategy process.

First, we will aim to get to the heart and soul of your unique and big-hearted cause, not just to clarify what it is you do and who for, but also why you do what you do, why it matters, how you do what you do and how it’s unique.

Understanding the essence of your brand purpose, values and personality, will then form the basis for establishing your unique style and tone of voice as well as strategic content creation guidelines, which will all ensure and support the consistent growth of your brand.

Together, these brand storytelling strategy elements, will inform the creative direction for your brand’s look & feel, your website’s content structure, your content marketing plans, and are of course, at the heart of good copy, the words that bring your vision to shine.

“The value of ‘Your Origin Story’ is in the process and how it helps you clarify your message.”

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your content and marketing strategy bring your vision to grow.

Built on the premise that clarifying (strategy) and expressing (writing) your unique brand story, cultivates strong roots and stalks (as per the Power-Words sunflower process), from which you can do your own growing – as in marketing and promoting – the Power-Words work can sometimes come to an end once your core message is all ‘on paper’.

However, building a business, a brand, a reputation is of course a journey rather than a destination. So, when it comes to crafting ongoing marketing, thought leadership, awareness-generating content and writing copy in a way that attracts both, search engines and prospects, and which converts prospects into clients/members/supporters, I am always delighted and excited to support you, my big-hearted clients, again.

“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.” ~Arjun Basu