The power of your business is in the words you put into it.

The more accurate and polished their presentation and the more strategic and purposeful the message, the more your words will resonate with your customers and the more likely they are to engage and ultimately do business with you. Even search engines reward your attention to sharp and relevant content by ranking your website higher.

And the magic doesn’t stop here. By investing in and focusing on your business words you will soon not just find your productivity get better but your personality shine through and your authority grow stronger. Your words are like a life-force* that flows through everything – your relationships, your actions and your results.

It doesn’t get any more powerful than that and this is where I can help!

I love creating new and playing with (copy) content that’s got a bit messy, complex and heartless and that lacks accuracy, structure or purpose, and my proofreading, editing, writing and strategising services are tailored to

  • Raise the quality bar, strategic value and life of your (copy) content
  • Find your own voice, build your brand and increase your visibility
  • Magnify the attracting powers of your words and messaging
  • Empower you to self-maintain – even create – your web and marketing words
  • Combine copywriting with marketing, digital and user experience design expertise

“Power-Words are chosen wisely and presented nicely.” ~@BforBirgit

If you are a small business, web agency, individual, or perhaps a digital department within a large organisation, and your web and marketing words need a boost of accuracy, structure, clarity, style and strategic purpose, I will be delighted to work with you.

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**According to Oxford Dictionaries the definition of life-force is “the force that gives something its vitality and strengths”, or, the Free Dictionary states: “the force that is responsible for growth and evolution.”