Your content is the soul of your business and your words are the connecting life-force* that brings it to life and makes everything flow.

According to Oxford Dictionaries life-force* is: “the force that gives something its vitality and strength”. Or, the Free Dictionary states: “the force that is responsible for growth and evolution.”

Let me help you tap into the power of your words and put that life-force into your business.

My content strategy, content design and copywriting and editing services combine marketing communications, digital and user experience design expertise and are tailored to help you

  • Find your voice – by getting really clear on your cause and mission, who it is for, why it matters and how it is unique (content strategy)
  • Express your voice – by translating your brilliance into a clear and simple format and action inspiring messaging, and by establishing and expressing your unique style and tone of voice (content design, copywriting, editing and proofreading)
  • Being true to your voice – by clarifying your unique value and providing clear and compelling copy to bring it to life you will find that walking the talk with authenticity and integrity becomes easy and natural.

As a result of your investment in your words – their strategic purpose, clear expression and simple presentation – you can expect to

  • Build your brand and authority
  • Get noticed by search engines
  • Connect to your ideal audience
  • Grow your impact and business
  • Increase your visibility and reach
  • Create a life-force that flows through everything – your offering, your marketing, your social media, and your whole way of being in business.

Brand building doesn’t get any more powerful than that.

Working with visionaries, thought leaders and changemakers.

I am passionate about my work with words and I enjoy it most when I can support small businesses on a big mission to bring about positive change, and help visionaries, changemakers and thought leaders express and spread their benevolent message and heartfelt purpose to their target audience, and ultimately to the world and all of humanity.

Power-Words are chosen wisely and presented nicely!

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