Writing, editing, proofreading copy

Your copy brings your vision to shine.

To let your words do the job of expressing your voice, promoting your services and wooing your audience (and search engines!) your copy needs to be:

  • clear, simple and consistent
  • accurate, error free and flowing
  • customer-focused and benefits-led
  • relevant, engaging and calling to action
  • aligned with your mission and business goals.

On a website the copy moreover, needs to be embedded into a content structure and design, that makes it easy to find, read, navigate and take action. Find out more…

When it comes to copywriting, my forte is translating brand propositions, stories and promises, key messaging and brand building content such as blog posts into powerful (website) words.

However, I’m generally passionate about copy and content quality and always eager to contribute my content quality assuring and transforming fingers, or also second pair of eyes, to any types of content, such as

  • web copy, blog posts, case studies and publications (e.g. e-books),
  • social media posts, marketing materials and campaigns, or also
  • project charters and documentation, and business documents and letters,

and everything and anything else that relies on words to build your brand, deliver your project, sell your services and get your message across clearly.

Especially, when it comes to proofreading materials and sub-editing websites, I’m always keen to help web agencies and developers ensure that their work is perfected to a tee before they hand it over to their clients.

“Ideas alone are not scalable. Only when an idea is put into words that people can clearly understand can an idea inspire action.” ~Simon Sinek