heart-logoFind out about the ways I can help with your words!

What if I told you that your services don’t attract your customers and your business is nothing new? Because let’s be real, nothing in this world is (new), and your services will undoubtedly be offered elsewhere.

Hopefully your answer would be something like this: “It’s my unique personality and way of doing things and knowing why I’m in business and why my services matter that attracts my customers and inspires them to buy from me.”

Sounds simple, however in my experience this is where most business owners struggle – either to express their unique advantage in simple and powerful ways, or, many do not even seem to be aware of that special something that is unique to them.

If this is you, my mission is to help you clarify that unique and authentic difference, to then magnify your voice and express it in the most strategic ways that help you grow your business and connect to your ideal (paying) customers.

Find out more about my process and the ways I can help with your words.

DISCOVERY (Where you want to go)
Client briefing

AUDIT (Your status quo)
Brand audit and research

DESIGN (How to get there)
Overall branding and marketing strategy
Specific marketing channel strategies
Style and tone of voice guide

Copywriting and editing (Content production)
Content promotion

WALKING THE TALK (Over to you)

heart-logoIf you need to woo your audience, I’d love to work with you!

It doesn’t matter if your objective is to build your brand, to sell your services, to spread your heartfelt message, to deliver a project, or if your business is perhaps getting married, success means connecting, engaging and winning over your audience.

Words have the power to do all that.

And I have the passion and experience to tap into their power by designing purposeful content strategies and injecting them with my writing and editing cleverness.

heart-logoI like playing with ANY copy content that needs (re)charging!

My main areas of professional expertise include digital marketing, business communications, web and intranet development, change and project management, and business transformation.

However, I have lots of other interests and personal experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, coaching, personal development and transformation, health, fitness, lifestyle, getting hitched and many more.

In fact, I like playing with ANY copy content that’s a bit messy, complex, perhaps fruitless and that lacks accuracy, structure or purpose.

arrowPower-Words - work with me

My Power-Words content marketing, branding strategy and copywriting factory is based in North West London, however thanks to the internet and Skype I’ve been working with clients worldwide.

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