heart-logoFind out about the ways I can help with your words!

Whether it’s your own small business or a large-scale web and intranet development project you want to bring to life, to shine and to grow, in my experience the process and principles that get that life-force* flowing and lead to success are the same: it’s about figuring out a clear and really meaningful and compelling purpose and vision and authentic advantage, designing robust roadmaps to get there, and then broadcasting your vision and message in the most strategic, technically excellent and powerful ways, and words!

This is how I can help!

Another popular way of describing the transformation my services aim to deliver has been that they focus on helping you (your business, cause or project) to

  • find your voice (strategy and planning),
  • express your voice (content design, copywriting/editing, proofreading), and
  • broadcast your voice (communications and marketing)

so that you may connect to the heart and soul of your business, cause or project, be true to your voice, and walk your talk with ease and confidence. At the end of the day your voice does not only fuel your marketing copy and message, but as I believe also your actions, and overall integrity and being in business – a true life-force.

heart-logoIf you need to woo your audience, I’d love to work with you!

It doesn’t matter if your objective is to build your brand, to sell your services, to spread your heartfelt message or to deliver a project, success means connecting, engaging and winning over your audience.

Words have the power to do all that.

And I have the passion and experience to tap into their power by designing purposeful content strategies and injecting them with my writing and editing cleverness.

heart-logoI like playing with ANY copy content that needs (re)charging!

My main areas of professional expertise include web and intranet development, change and project management, digital marketing and business communications.

However, I have lots of other interests and personal experience in areas such as entrepreneurship, leadership, organisational culture development, coaching, personal development and transformation, health, lifestyle, and many more.

In fact, I like playing with ANY plans, copy and content that might be messy, complex, perhaps fruitless, meaningless and lacking accuracy and structure, and transforming the confusion into simple, clear and consistent messaging, which radiates a compelling purpose and makes people want to connect and engage; and designing systematic long-term solutions to avoid content chaos and overwhelm.

arrowPower-Words - work with me

My Power-Words content marketing, digital strategy and copywriting factory is based in North West London, however thanks to the internet and Skype I’ve been working with clients worldwide.

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