It doesn’t matter if your objective is to build your brand, to gain support for your cause, to spread your heartfelt message or to deliver a project, success is a journey and means connecting, engaging and winning over your audience.

Words have the power to do all that.

And I have the passion and experience to tap into their power with my brand & content strategy, copywriting, editing and proofreading, and website content flow design services and skills, which combine communications, marketing, web best practice, usability, content architecture and digital project management expertise.

PW Logo - #ffa124 Power-Words crafting services and process at a glance.


  • Client briefing – getting to know you, your business, ambitions and goals, projects, also competitors, budget and similar more.



  • Branding and content strategy – getting to the heart and soul of your unique mission, vision and story, and aligning your content to it. Find out more …
  • Style and tone of voice guidelines – defining your unique style, tone of voice (TOV), and how you express your message.



  • Marketing strategy and execution – although my key services are about creating strong roots and stalks for your marketing to grow from, I can also work with you to design strategies and practical roadmaps to support your promotion efforts.


  • As a result of your investment in your ‘soul content’, that is your core messaging and content strategy, and the words to express your brand promise in simple, consistent, user-friendly and engaging ways, you will find that walking the talk and promoting yourself becomes easy and effortless. And powerful!

All my work is underpinned by my strong desire and mission to create better content, not more content, and by my core belief that high quality copy and content not only impacts individual projects, campaigns or activities, but, like a life-force, breathes life and brilliance into each cell of a business. Making copy and content excellence itself a vehicle to drive positive culture and change.

PW Logo - #ffa124 I like playing with ANY copy content that needs (re)charging.

Twenty years in the digital marketing industry, over ten years of managing often large scale digital business change programs, wearing the marketing hat in the family business since 2012 and having been on my own entrepreneurial venture since 2016 means I’ve had my content crafting and managing fingers in websites, large and small, internal and external facing marketing and communications campaigns, user guides, style guides, business cases and project charters, sales and pitch letters, print magazines, flyers, blog posts and many more.

Oh, and I really do seem to find typos in nearly every book I read, so my general rule is that there is no limit to what type of content and copy I would cast my strategic and editing eyes over, it will always delight me. Also worth mentioning is my particular passion for mastering about and about me pages for my clients.

“Ideas alone are not scalable. Only when an idea is put into words that people can clearly understand can an idea inspire action.” ~Simon Sinek

My Power-Words branding and content strategy, inbound marketing, copy and content writing, editing and proofreading base is in Harrow, North West London, however thanks to the internet and Skype I’ve been working with clients worldwide.