About me

I’m Birgit Diggins, aka BforBirgit, North-West London based digital and business change project manager turned freelance brand strategist, content writer and copy editor, passionate about all things personal development and wellbeing, and the founder of Power-Words.

While my student colleagues seemed daunted by it, I still remember the positive kick I got out of my university professor’s instructions when he said: “It’s no rocket science to write a long thesis. The real art is to write a concise piece”.

And in hindsight it seems obvious that crafting, structuring, simplifying and proofreading words has always been a love affair for me – whether for the poems and stories in my journal, the essays at school, academic papers at university or everything and anything work related such as project charters, plans and proposals, blog posts and indeed all the lovely work I’ve been doing for my freelance clients. It just never occurred to me as a special talent of mine, or that it would make for a viable (or indeed reputable?) career.

To many, including myself, it therefore came as no surprise when nearly 15 years into my corporate career (of managing often large-scale web development and business change programs), I started re-connecting with my ‘first love’ (my superpower!) and eventually shifted my career pattern and professional focus altogether.

“My passion is bringing ideas and brands to life and to shine with words.”

Today, my career has many strands and when I’m not crafting Power-Words, I put on my marketing, finance and administration hat in our small family business or I’m working on my passion project or I’m writing about things I care about on my private blog.

“I love turning content from hard-core to heart-core.
Because transformation happens in the heart, not in the head.”

Outside of work I’m known as a cat lover, home improvement enthusiast and inspirational quotes junkie (words of the world’s most significant and influential thought leaders of all ages are truly power words), and can mostly be found on my yoga mat, pottering around in the garden or catching up with friends.

If you like the sound of me and your content needs more power, I’d be delighted to hear from you!

“Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.” ~Howard Thurma

My Power-Words brand and content strategy, content writing and copy editing base is in Harrow, North West London. However, thanks to the internet and Skype, I’ve been working with clients worldwide.