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If I’ve already won you over and you decided that I’m your brand storyteller and words crafter and optimiser of choice, please head straight over to my contact form.

If you’d like to find out more about what to expect when working with me, or how I may stand out in this world of talented wordsmiths, please read on and find out more about some of

  • my personal traits and the values I strive to work (and live) by
  • the things I am not (hint: my words sound better from my hands than from my mouth)
  • my qualifications and professional experience

PW Logo - #ffa124 Personal traits and values

Simplicity and structure – I love simplifying (structurally, or also in terms of terminology, flow and consistency) and truly believe in the “less is more” notion. Less clutter, complexity and engineering cultivates more clarity, focus and receptiveness, and can transform a message from hibernating to blossoming.

Strategy and purpose – I’m a strategic thinker, who is always keen to ensure each piece of content has realistic and sustainable goals and a meaningful and compelling purpose that is beyond goal setting obsession, newest technology addiction, competitor comparison syndrome and/or money-making compulsion.

Long-term value and sustainability – The focus of my work is on creating long-term quality and trust building content and strategies rather than quantity and short-term wins; on attracting rather than chasing clients; and beyond financial return helping my clients drive engagement and build authority.

Realness and collaboration – Instead of following the schoolbook, or the competitor’s strategy, I thrive on creating original and authentic work – on my and my client’s own terms – and on multiplying chances of success by collaborating and combining our ideas, knowledge and experience.

PW Logo - #ffa124 Things I am not

A badass copywriter – I don’t write lead generating killer copy. My focus is on crafting words that attract audiences by creating value for them, and that help my clients to touch hearts, shift perspectives and transform minds.

A SEO copywriter – Optimising copy and content for search engines follows the same principles as creating it for people. That’s why I don’t see it as anything special, but rather fundamental to web copywriting. Besides, great copy is only part of the multidisciplinary puzzle that is SEO.

A fast writer/editor/proofreader – I don’t charge by the speed of my work, and neither by word count, but by a pre-agreed rate, which reflects my experience and knowledge, and the value this adds to a given project… and shorter copy often adds more value.

A native (English) wordsmith – I used to feel a little insecure about my (Austrian) accent when I speak, but luckily have realised that my words simply sound better coming from my hands than from my mouth. Today, I let my work speak for itself.

A copywriter – Given the very commercial focus of copywriting I may not even be a copywriter. Especially, since contemplating the differences – and similarities – between copy and content, content writer definitely resonates more.

Perfect – I would never claim perfection on anything. However, I do always give my best and as part of my striving to continuously perfect my word crafting powers follow many copy and content leaders on social media, and I’m a member of the Procopywriters, the UK’s largest alliance of copywriting pros.

PW Logo - #ffa124Qualifications and professional experience

Communications and project management qualifications – My university degree is in corporate communications and education, and I have further qualifications in marketing and digital and PRINCE2 project management. I also invest in continuous learning via social media and following thought leaders in the industry.

Digital and copywriting expertise – The web copy writing, online sub-editing, search engine optimisation, information architecture, and web usability and accessibility training I received through my 15-year corporate career (managing often large-scale digital development and business change programs) is still invaluable.

Varied professional and sector experience – My digital marketing and project management career has also afforded me with opportunities to work on internal and external facing campaigns, in different sectors, and for commercial, technology and membership organisations, charities and small businesses alike.

Entrepreneurship – I’ve been wearing the marketing hat in the family business since 2012, set up my own entrepreneurial venture (Power-Words) in 2016, and have had the privilege and joy to meet hundreds of inspirational entrepreneurs along this rewarding journey.

My brand strategy storytelling, copy and content writing, editing and proofreading, and website content optimisation base is in North West London, however thanks to the internet and Skype I’ve been working with clients worldwide.