NOTICE: Having followed calls from nature, I’ve swapped my laptop for the wellies :) and for the foreseeable future offer proofreading and editing only … the rest of my word power goes into promoting my/our own businesses and causes: Garden B + The MechanicLondon Way + Classic Brent Autos.

Words have power.

More precisely, it’s purposeful, compelling, honest and clear words that have power. The power to touch hearts, transform minds and to inspire to action.

This is why I founded Power-Words.

To power content that may be heartless, boring, product-centric and overall fruitless with purpose, strategy, customer-focus and personality. And heart :)

To inject copy that may be complex, confusing and uninspiring with the power of simplicity, consistency, flow and inspiring calls to action.

To cultivate solid content and messaging foundations, which empower strategic and consistent brand building and marketing, and business growth.

To use the power of words to particularly support, highlight and magnetise transformational services and projects focused on health, wellbeing and success.

To create more powerful, more inspiring and overall better content (not more content) … content, which will not only impact individual projects or campaigns, but which – like a life-force** – breathes brilliance into each cell of a business. Making copy and content quality itself a vehicle to drive positive change, promote wellbeing and ultimately, transform businesses, and lives, from the inside-out.

Whether you’re a solo-entrepreneur, consultant, coach, service provider or project leader (as part of an agency or in-house team), if you’re in business to promote health, happiness, success and wellbeing, and to drive positive change for individuals, organisations or wider society, I’d love to help make your change-making and big-hearted message and content (and legacy!) more powerful.
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**According to Oxford Dictionaries life-force* is “the force that gives something its vitality and strength”. Or, the Free Dictionary states: “the force that is responsible for growth and evolution.”

A couple of not so secret facts about me.

I also founded Power-Words (and left my corporate career of managing often large-scale digital projects and business change programs) to be in my element, or my superpower, more of the time :) You can find out more in my personal story.

When I started my freelance (English) writing career, I felt slightly concerned about my Austrian accent when I speak. However, fortunately, after four years of freelancing and having been living and working in the UK since 2000, I can let my copywriting work speak for itself by now! My words simply sound better from my hands than from my mouth :) Find out more about my credentials, values and traits here.

Please head over to my contact page, to get in touch. I look forward to speaking to you (through my mouth) and writing for you (through my hands) ;)

“Ideas alone are not scalable. Only when an idea is put into words that people can clearly understand can an idea inspire action.” ~Simon Sinek

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