About Power-Words

PW Logo - #ffa124 Words have power.

More precisely it’s purposeful, compelling, honest and clear words that have power.

This is why I founded Power-Words.

To power content that may be meaningless, boring, product-centric and overall fruitless with purpose, customer-focus and personality.

To inject copy that may be complex, confusing and uninspiring with the power of simplicity, consistency, flow and inspiring calls to action.

To help small business owners, start ups, solopreneurs and consultants as well as agency owners and in-house managers, who may be lacking skill, time or resource, create more powerful, more inspiring and overall better (not more) content

… content, which will not only impact projects or campaigns, but which has the power to transform businesses, and lives.

Find out more about my content crafting, optimising and transforming services.

“Ideas alone are not scalable. Only when an idea is put into words that people can clearly understand can an idea inspire action.” ~Simon Sinek

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The story about my logo … and why the heart-shaped cupcake is here to stay!