Other online and print materials

PW Logo - #ffa124 Other online products by Power-Words.

Other than websites that is.

  • Blogs – editing your drafts or writing (and researching) from scratch for you.
  • Social media – key messaging and templates; also strategic roadmaps and calendars.
  • Video scripts – for example to introduce your company (Click for an example here)

PW Logo - #ffa124 Other copy and content work by Power-Words.

Other than online that is.

  • Fundraising letter for leading UK outdoor education charity
  • Investment pitch letter for alternative energy provider
  • Membership communications/letters/leaflets
  • Syllabus documents (proofreading)
  • Dance Magazine, quarterly publication by ISTD (proofreading)
  • Style and user guides for websites, syllabus documents
  • Project/Programme initiation documentation and business cases

I’ve had my copy and content fingers work on a variety of materials, and my forte is definitely websites (proposition messaging including content flow design), however my two general rules are these:

as long as there are words that need to be put on paper, or edited, tidied up, simplified and overall optimised, and as long as these words are to express and support some big-hearted cause, I’ll be happy to get my fingers stuck into any copy / content project.

I’d be delighted to find out more about YOUR project and to see how my content crafting, optimising and transformation services could help!