Content creation, quality assurance and project management for digital agencies, in-house teams and solo-web developers

Busy website builder, digital project leader or marketing content creator!

Are you in business to deliver ‘wellbeing’ websites, campaigns or projects?

If your answer is YES, then you – like me – want your craft to benefit specifically causes and projects that aim to promote and inspire health, happiness, achievement and overall wellbeing – whether for individuals, smaller businesses, larger organisations or wider society – and

… I’d love to help make your wellbeing work (even) more powerful! With words!

I’m a brand and web content writer and copy editor, mainly helping (wellbeing!) entrepreneurs figure out their sweetspot, tell their brand stories, create strategic content guidelines and write and edit their brand, marketing and website words.

In addition, having gained my most valuable technical skills within a top digital agency (in London), and having collaborated with web agencies to deliver (client-side) often large-scale digital development and business change projects for over ten years (before transitioning to my career today), I’m always eager to give busy website builders and content creators – like you – a helping content writing, editing, quality assuring, auditing or project managing hand.

Ways, in which I can help deliver or perfect your content and websites

  • Website quality assurance – Sub-editing websites to ensure consistent styles, flawless copy, working links and also user-friendly journeys.
  • Polishing copy and content – Proofreading and editing web pages, documents, marketing material and campaigns or also content structure and flow.
  • Copywriting – Researching and writing copy for web pages, blogs and other material as required, including entire brand propositions (like for my entrepreneur clients).
  • Website audit – My website reviews are focused on best practice copy, content and usability criteria, however, I’d be happy to dig into the numbers as well.
  • Content guidelines – I’m a firm believer in standards and style guidelines and have also helped my entrepreneur clients develop their tone of voice as well.
  • Project management – Having been there and done it, I’d also be happy to put on my project management hat again.

These are just some of my helping ways I can think of, however, in whatever capacity and, however, big or small the task or project, as long as it involves creating content, transforming copy or taming content chaos, I’d be delighted to help you make your work (even) more powerful.*

So! If you feel that my passion for quality content, my desire to make a difference in this world with words, and my combination of wordsmithery, digital skills and marketing expertise could be an asset to your business, (agency or in-house) team or project, I’d be delighted to have a chat and…

… explore any ways in which I could support your work and mission!

To schedule an initial chat, please email me at or connect with me on LinkedIN.

My content crafting, quality assuring and managing base is in NW London. Thanks to technology, I’m available worldwide. More about me

*PS: And by helping deliver or perfect your change-making work, I can be a changemaker, and build a worthwhile legacy, too 🧡

“Great content is the best sales tool in the world.” ~Marcus Sheridan