Web copy critique and content audit

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Just like a busy mind or a cluttered and dusty home will eventually block your space, drain your energy and diminish your productivity, your website, if left unattended, will eventually become overloaded, unattractive and unproductive, or even worse, irrelevant and business damaging as your visitors (and search engines) can’t find what they were looking for (and go to look somewhere else for it).

“That’s why a content audit matters. It’s about improving the very soul of your website – its content.” ~Neil Patel

To identify and unclog those pipes, which are full of unclear messaging, confusing pathways and dull content, my website copy and content audit is tailored to review the

  • structure, visibility, findability and flow of your content
  • strategic, relevance and engagement factor of your copy
  • accuracy, formatting and consistency of your copy.

So that your message can shine, the user journeys flow and your visitors connect and convert again.