Strategic Content Marketing and Branding Services

The foundation of powerful words are a clear and, as I believe, heartfelt purpose and a simple and consistent presentation. This is where I can help!

Brand Audit and Research

This is an audit of your current (online) presence, mostly focused on user-experience and strategic customer focus and taking into account your business background: where it’s coming from, the status quo and what your ambitions are.

Overall Branding and Marketing Strategy

Here we’ll get down to that ‘special something’ business and pinpoint why you do what you do, who you are serving, why it matters and how you do things in your own way. The answers to these questions, you will find, are what gives you your voice.

Specific Channel Strategies 

Whether it’s your website, blog, newsletter or social media where you express your voice, you won’t be going far with it – as in attracting leads and followers – unless you do it with purpose and follow a systematic approach.

Style and Tone of Voice Guide

How you then express your voice to the world sets you apart and in order to frame your brand for growth – both, across multiple channels and allowing for multiple contributors – a style and tone of voice guide are vital.

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