Strategic Content Marketing and Brand Building Services

The foundation – or, the roots, as per the Power-Words infographic on the right – of powerful words are a clear and, as I believe, heartfelt purpose and a simple and consistent presentation. I also like to refer to this foundation as your soul content.

This is where I can help!

heart-logoDiscovery (Where you want to go)

Client Briefing

First up, we’ll have a chat to find out more about your business, your project and what you want to achieve. I will also send you a briefing document to then prepare a written proposal for you. From here, we can then formalise our engagement and get started.

heart-logoAudit (Your status quo)

Brand Audit and Research

This is an audit and health check of your current (online) presence based on user-experience and strategic customer focus, clear expression, accurate spelling and grammar, and simple and consistent presentation.

heart-logoDesign (How to get there)

Overall Marketing and Brand Building Strategy

Here we’ll get down to that ‘special something’ business and clear on why what you do matters, how it’s different and who you are serving. The answers to these questions, you will find, are what gives you your voice and connects you to your soul (content). This is when the life-force starts to flow.

Specific Channel Strategies 

Whether it’s your website, blog, newsletter or social media where you express your voice, you won’t be going far with it – as in attracting leads and followers – unless you do it with purpose and follow a systematic approach.

heart-logoBuild (Going there)

Once we have found your voice and planted the seeds – or, in Power-Words speak connected to your soul (content) and to that life-force with a strategic plan, we can start expressing, nurturing and growing that voice to build your authority and attract your audience.

“Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first strategic vision.” ~John Naisbity

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