Content Marketing Strategy

The foundation for creating powerful words is a clear, strategic and compelling, and as I believe, human-centred purpose.

My process to get to this heart and soul of your digital, content or marketing project, is typically as follows:

Discovery (Where you want to go)

First up, we’ll have a chat to find out more about your business, your project and what you want to achieve. I will also send you a briefing document to then prepare a written proposal for you. From here, we can then formalise our engagement and get started.

Audit (Your status quo)

This may include a review and assessment of your current content (e.g. website) based on strategic customer-focus, user-experience, simple and consistent presentation, and the quality of the copy. Depending on the project, this may also involve competitor research.

Strategy (How to get there)

Finally, we’ll get really clear on why what you do matters, how it is unique and different, and who you are serving. The answers to these questions, you will find, is what gives you your voice. This is when the life-force starts to flow and inspire everything else: your goals, your plans to get there, your copy and as I always say, your whole way of being in business.

“Strategic planning is worthless – unless there is first strategic vision.” ~John Naisbity

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