Content Design, Writing, Editing and Proofreading Services

When it comes to building on your strategic foundation and bringing your message and voice – or soul content as I also like to refer to it – to life, my content design, copywriting and editing services ensure that your content attracts both, clients and search engines.

Style and Tone of Voice Guide

How (and how consistently!) you express your voice to the world sets you apart and in order to set your brand up for growth – both, across multiple channels and multiple contributors – a style and tone of voice guide is vital.

Content Design

Writing words that convert on a page or for a campaign is one thing, however when it comes to websites, there are multiple parts and pages that need to come together and form what is called the user journey (which leads the user to take action). This is where my digital expertise and user-experience-design skills come in and where I can help structure content in a way that makes it easy to navigate and understand by both, your users and search engines.

Copywriting, Editing and Proofreading

I am not the hard-core selling type. That’s why I keep away from short-term, hard-core sales-y marketing copy such as advertising or direct marketing.

I am more of a long-term, heart-core selling girl. I love crafting, editing and/or proofreading strategic content which conveys a big mission and vision. The feel-good, value-adding words. The ones that attract your customers because they trust you, they click with your brand personality and they recognise your authority. So that would be things such as web copy, specifically about pages, elevator pitches and mission statements, case studies, educational blog posts, project charters, business cases and similar more.

Content Marketing and Promotion

Whilst over time your website content will build your authority and search engines will take note, there is no doubt that in order to attract and connect to your audience you also need to nurture and get out there. However, without a strategic and systematic approach, your promotional efforts are bound to be fruitless.

This is where I have been helping my clients with basic self-starter type strategies and consultations. If you want to take your social media or email marketing to the next level you may prefer to work with a professional, who’s more specialised in these fields.

Conversions and Results

Finally, your voice – that connection to your soul (content) – does not only fuel your marketing copy, but as I firmly believe also your actions and overall integrity. So, when it comes to blooming and reaping the fruits, it’s really down to your own walking the talk, being true to your voice, and connecting to your soul content and life-force.

As per Regis McKenna’s quote in my blog post“Marketing today is not a function; a new ad campaign or this month’s promotion; marketing today is an all-pervasive way of doing business.” ~Regis McKenna

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