Branding and content strategy

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your content strategy brings your vision to life.

Content strategy is the framework that ensures that the content you create is

  • targeted, relevant and valuable
  • on brand and meets business goals.

It’s the place where your content planning is aligned with your overall core message and brand promise (your voice), purpose (your why) and business goals, or as I like to put it: where your vision starts to take roots and comes to life (as per my sunflower process).

Content strategy guides the planning of content topics, content types and channels, the content lifecycle and performance, and is of course, at the heart of good copy – the words that bring your vision to shine.

“Without strategy, content is just stuff, and the world has enough stuff.” ~Arjun Basu

Content strategy is not about churning out content mindlessly, but about being mindful of your audience, your brand promise and the long-term value and sustainability when building content, which is the point at which content marketing takes over from content strategy.

Although, my main aim is to help you cultivate these strong roots and stalks for your content marketing, I can also work with you to create (copy) content and to design marketing strategies and practical roadmaps to support your promotional efforts.