About & about me page copywriting

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your about page is the soul of your website. And your business.

Although your about page is not necessarily, where you make your first impression – that’s more likely your homepage – it is definitely one of the most visited pages of your website and, as I believe, the most foundational.

About pages often get confused with about me pages. I believe that’s partly due to a sort of collective awakening to the importance of being human and authentic in business.

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your about page is about them. Not about you.

There’s no doubt that personal stories build trust and connection and therefore have a place, and an important one, in your brand promise and messaging. However, that place is not on your about page, but on your about me/us or my/our story page.

An easy way to get the difference is by remembering that at this stage of the buying journey your website visitors are still more interested in themselves and their needs rather than in any details of your business; beyond the services or products that will fulfill their needs.

PW Logo - #ffa124 Your about me page is about you. But for them.

Only once they’ve validated that you have a solution to their problem, they will move on to do a ‘personal chemistry’ check and find out more about the person/s behind the business, what drives you (your values), why you do what you do (purpose, mission and vision) and where you’ve come from (your history).

Encouraged by this notion of authenticity and freedom to be oneself, many small business owners make the mistake of telling their whole life’s journey, however, beware of the reader’s time and attention span as well as their goal to remedy their need, and keep it short and relevant.

“Go ahead and tell your story. Just don’t get so lost in telling it that you forget why you’re doing it in the first place.” ~Julia Mc Coy

Whether you need help with the strategic messaging, the page structure and information flow or crafting or polishing of your about and about me copy, I’d love to help! For me mastering these important pages of your website is like identifying and expressing the very soul of your business, that foundational core from which everything else flows.