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Wedding-Words by Power-WordsPerhaps unsurprisingly it was my own wedding that got me to build my own wedding site, as well as design stationary, including invitations, thank you cards, all sorts of table stationary, and including a booklet, which told our love story.

Not only did I enjoy the creativity of the process enormously, but it was then when I had a sort of light bulb moment about the impact words can make.

Especially the honest and authentic words of our love story seemed to have touched our guests and connected those who didn’t know each other before. And even simple things like naming our tables after the flowers in our own garden (e.g. Rose, Lavender) created lasting memories of the day. The website was of course super helpful to communicate timings, directions and similar more to our guests, who were travelling from other parts of the UK, from various European countries, and even from Australia.

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  • Content suggestions, structure and user-journey design
  • Copywriting
  • Website build including graphic designs (using free WordPress template)

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