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Company and Project Overview

Evolve Education is an organisational development consultancy dedicated to helping organisations worldwide improve their performance through behaviour and culture change, and talent and leadership development.

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I was initially hired to edit web copy, which was prepared and written by one of the Managing Directors. As the copy was for a brand-new website I was quick to suggest a more strategic approach by first designing a content structure, which was much more web and user (as well as SEO) friendly, customer-centric and which allowed for growth. I also provided a minimal guide to ensure that the tone of voice and style can be kept authentic and consistent in the long-term and across other marketing channels.

Power-Words Services

  • Content strategy and structure, user-experience and SEO design and for new website
  • Style and tone of voice guide
  • Copy editing and writing

Power-Words.comLarger Scale Digital Business Change Programs

My experience of managing and delivering often large scale digital business change (intranet and website) projects spans over ten years, and covers the full technology program lifecycle from project framework and organisation design, requirements analysis, specification and user-experience design to content migration and production, development, testing, governance, and adoption and change management, and managing matrix teams of internal and external experts and stakeholder audiences.

Although, I no longer tend to oversee whole programs, I am always keen to provide consultancy or also hands-on assistance – and of course, writing, editing and proofreading! – particularly with the overall strategic planning and all communications and process focused work streams such as


Three of the biggest and most interesting digital business change programs for which I have been the leading project and change manager:

  • Major program to consolidate several local intranets into a new and single intranet (St John Ambulance, the UK’s leading first aid charity)
  • Large-scale project to build and launch the company’s first digital platform for its network of affiliated marketing companies (Cobra Group, Global Specialist Field Sales and Marketing Company)
  • Change program to develop and roll-out new company intranet (Alternative Networks, UK Telecoms Provider)