Technology Transformation

“It’s not a faith in technology, it’s a faith in people.” ~Steve Jobs

“A revolution doesn’t happen when we adopt new tools, it happens when we adopt new behaviours.” ~Clay Shirky

“The P in Project Management is as much about ‘people management’ as it is about ‘project management’.” ~Cornelius Fichtner

“There are no IT projects, only business projects.” ~Kim Stevenson, CIO, Intel

“No matter how good the team or how efficient the methodology, if we’re not solving the right problem, the project fails.” ~Woody Williams

“Digital Business Transformation is hard because humans are involved.” ~Ray Wang

“The development part is easy. The success of an intranet is about 60 percent communication, 40 percent technology.” ~Bob Cohen

“The sooner you start coding the later you finish.” ~Unknown