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Once you’ve had a little tour of Power-Words.com you will get it pretty quickly that in addition to writing, simplifying and strategising words I have another love affair: inspirational quotes!

Power-Words.com - In quoting others, we cite ourselves.

I find that these wise words of the world’s most significant and influential thought leaders of all ages are truly power words and a wonderful way to share wisdom and insight, and to plant seeds of inspiration. I would even rate them as one of the most powerful sources for learning and transformation.

Marlene Dietrich’s quote sums up my love thing perfectly.

“I love quotations because it is a joy to find thoughts one might have, beautifully expressed with much authority by someone recognized wiser than oneself.” ~Marlene Dietrich

Enough reasons for me to dedicate some space on my website to my own quote creations as well as some collections of writing and marketing specific quotes. I hope you enjoy these as much as I do! And for even more quotes and words fun, I would be delighted to have you join me on my Facebook page!

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“Powerful web and marketing words are the life-force of your business.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing #contentfirst

“If cash is the heart of the business, content is the life-force that makes it flow.” ~@BforBirgit #contentmarketing #cashflow #contentfirst

“Power-Words are chosen wisely and presented nicely.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing #contentfirst

“Content is the life-force that gives your business strength and multiplies its attracting powers and vitality.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing #contentfirst

“Copy makes content sellable and content makes copy valuable.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing

“Power-Words are first and foremost clear. Clarity comes from simplicity, structure and strategy.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing

“The purpose of #copy #content is to bring out the best in you and make your brand more visible – not the opposite.” #BetterContentNotMoreContent @BforBirgit #contentmarketing

 “Content marketing is about finding, then expressing and then being true to your voice.” @BforBirgit #contentmarketing