Local support

Let me polish your writing is my writing, editing and proofreading service and support for small and solo businesses – and for residents – in my LOCAL COMMUNITY HERE IN HARROW, NORTH WEST LONDON

Is writing a struggle for you?

Whether you need copy for your small business’s website, write business emails, create a CV and cover letter, send an email or letter to your insurer, GP or retailer, apply for planning permission or draft a party wall agreement … writing is an essential part not just of business, but of every-day life.

However, writing well in order to bring your point across or to get the attention and outcome that you desire, can be difficult and time-consuming.

Writing and editing help is here.

I am in my element when I can turn complex, messy and inaccurate content into copy that is clear, simple, consistent, professional and free of errors. So, if you’d like to let me polish your writing on your websites, marketing materials, notices (e.g. Covid-related messaging), applications, emails, letters, invitations and similar more, and you are in North West London (Harrow, Bushey, Brent, Barnet, Ealing, …), I will be delighted to help.

Please email your enquiry to bforbirgit@outlook.com or call me on 07810 43 07 23 (Monday – Thursday, 09:00 – 17:00) for an initial chat and quote for your project.


  • Website and blog content
  • Marketing and social media content
  • Business plans, project charters and plans
  • Operating content – emails, guidelines, processes, forms


  • CVs, applications, cover letters
  • Formal letters and emails
  • Forms, contracts
  • Invitations and letters to loved ones

About me.

My name is Birgit Diggins. I am a freelance brand copywriter, editor and website content specialist working mostly with coaches, consultants and start-ups in corporate sectors, however, recognising the importance of writing well and the challenge it can present to so many – AND in light of the unusual and adverse times we live in right now – I’d love to do something for residents and for small businesses in non-corporate sectors such as retail, hospitality, social care, environmental, leisure and lifestyle, here in my local area in NW London (at very affordable prices) as well. That’s why I launched Let me polish your writing.

I belief that how something is written (and said, of course) can make the difference between getting noticed and achieving a desired result and not getting seen or heard and failing to succeed. Even more than that, our words can have a profound impact on our own clarity, focus and confidence. That’s why I called my main copy and content optimising business Power-Words. To find out more about me and the brand-building services I offer, feel free to explore other areas of my website and start here.